What does sustainability mean to us?

Sustainability, as defined by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development , means meeting the needs of the present without restricting the opportunities of future generations. This requires an equal consideration of the three dimensions of sustainability: economic efficiency, social justice and ecological sustainability. Sustainability should be the basis of all political decisions in order to preserve global resources in the long term.

For us at Bliev to Huus home care service, this means that we apply sustainable practices in all aspects of our work. This ranges from the selection of our suppliers and the use of resources to the way we deliver our services. By implementing sustainable practices, we help improve the quality of life for both current and future generations.

Our commitment to sustainability

We are aware of the responsibility we have for future generations, including our children and grandchildren. Our goal is to maintain a healthy and livable planet for you and the relatives of our patients. Therefore, sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, but a central part of our corporate philosophy and daily practice

What are we doing specifically?

1. Less paper, more digitization

As part of our sustainability efforts, we are increasingly relying on digitization and cloud technologies to minimize paper consumption in our everyday office life. By adopting digital documents and using the cloud for storage and collaboration, we can reduce the need for physical copies. This not only saves resources, but also improves the efficiency of our work processes. In this way, we actively contribute to protecting our environment and make our everyday work sustainable.

2. Zero waste boxes from the Laboe coffee coast

For our office we get our coffee from the coffee coast Laboe in sustainable zero waste boxes. This system allows us to get exactly the amount of organic and fair trade coffee we need while actively avoiding waste. The boxes are replaced after use, cleaned and reused, which saves packaging waste and contributes to sustainability.

3. Short distances & networking

In our efforts to act sustainably, we attach great importance to keeping our distances short. Our employees also have the opportunity to use our company cars to go to work. In addition, we deliberately keep our catchment area small in order to avoid long journeys and thus reduce our CO2 footprint. With these measures, we actively contribute to reducing emissions and promote sustainable mobility.

4. Modern vehicle fleet

Our fleet consists exclusively of environmentally friendly new vehicles with low emissions. We have already replaced some of our vehicles with a hybrid model and six fully electric cars to make our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

5. Local organic fruit & vegetables

Another step in our sustainability strategy is the use of the subscription box from Hof ​​Wischhof. We receive fresh organic fruit and vegetables from the region every week, which is delivered directly to our office. This not only supports local farmers and promotes the regional economy, but also ensures healthy and sustainable nutrition in our team. In this way, we actively contribute to a greener and healthier working environment.

6. With the e-cargo bike to work