our philosophy

Human dignity is inviolable.”

(Article 1, German Basic Law)

The focus of our actions is the human being in his uniqueness.

Our care concept

We understand each and every one of our patients

  • as an inseparable unity of body, mind and soul
  • as an individual, which orients itself to life activities

The promotion of resources comes before the replacement takeover of activities and actions.

  • We treat everyone with respect, regardless of their faith, gender, nationality and origin.
  • We want to both maintain and promote the quality of life of the patient/client and thus enable them to remain in their home for as long as possible.
  • We include the patient/client and their relatives in nursing decisions, taking into account the resources.
  • In an atmosphere of familiarity, we want to learn about the wishes and needs of the patient and, as far as possible, to fulfill them.
  • We accompany the dying at home and stand by them and their relatives day and night. We work together with all people involved in the care of the patient/client in a trusting manner and network our offers. This enables us to offer household care, leisure activities, day trips and care, accompaniment to doctors and therapies from a single source.
  • We value qualified staff and deploy our employees according to their skills and competencies.
  • We ensure that our employees receive regular training and further education.
  • We strive for a high quality of care. The prerequisite for this is working according to the rules of the nursing process.
  • We involve employees in decisions and encourage them to bring in ideas and suggestions.
  • We encourage open communication, support each other, accept our limitations, our strengths and our weaknesses. This enables us to guarantee a good working atmosphere.