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Bliev to Huus is your outpatient nursing service in Kiel and Bredenbek. We offer you a comprehensive package of services in your familiar environment. We support you with advice, home care, domestic help, support services and general and specialized outpatient palliative care.
Our team is versatile and also qualified for special requirements – eg in the context of the SAPV .

Many of our services are financed by health or long-term care insurance, but we are also there for you for individual needs . Contact us for comprehensive support in your care situation.

Counseling visit (§ 37 Paragraph 3 SGB XI)

People who are cared for at home without the help of an outpatient care service and who receive care allowance are obliged to make regular consultation visits (from care level 2). These advisory visits are usually carried out by employees of an outpatient care service and serve to ensure the quality of home care.

Nursing services according to SGB V & XI

Do you have health problems and need help with basic care or with measures prescribed by a doctor? We support you with:

  • Grooming, preparing a meal, etc.
  • Home nursing such as medication, injections, changing bandages, etc.

Domestic services

Housekeeping services can be used as private services or as part of the care benefits in kind. We provide:

  • Cleaning of living quarters, help with shopping etc.
  • Relief services according to § 45b SGB XI such as accompanying trips to the doctor’s office


If there is a significant need for care and general supervision, we offer the following care options:

  • In your own home environment, for example, going for walks, doing housework together, playing games or memory training

Palliative care

Palliative care includes the professional care of terminally ill people. One focus is on improving the quality of life and human autonomy . In particular , symptom relief and psychological and social care are important. In the field of outpatient palliative care, a distinction is made between general and specialized outpatient palliative care.

General Outpatient Palliative Care (AAPV)

Outpatient palliative care includes the professional care of terminally ill people. One focus is on improving the quality of life and protecting and caring for people. In particular, symptom relief and psychological and social care are important.

Specialized outpatient palliative care (SAPV)

Specialized outpatient palliative care serves – in addition to general outpatient palliative care – to maintain, promote and improve the quality of life and self-determination of palliative care patients. The focus is on enabling all people to live a life of human dignity in their familiar surroundings until they die.

What distinguishes the Bliev to Huus outpatient care team?

1. You are not our job, you are our job

That is our motto and expression of our philosophy . People with their inviolable dignity are the focus of our actions. This dignity requires respectful and appropriate personal interaction in the joint work.

2. We value sustainability

Do you care that your children and grandchildren have a positive perspective on earth? Sustainability is an integral part of our philosophy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s less paper and more digitization in the office, short distances, modern cars on duty, fruit and vegetables from the region, or e-cargo bikes instead of cars for everyday trips.

3. We are one big family together with you

Personal contact in the team and with the patients is particularly important to us. We see ourselves as a multi-generational nursing service that has meanwhile also experienced a generation change among its customers. We are very proud of this.

4. We have been working successfully for you for 28 years

With 28 years of experience in our luggage, we look forward to new personalities, challenges and colleagues in the team!

5. Bliev to Huus – the name says it all!

“Bliev to Huus” means “stay at home” and the name says it all for us. As loyal companions, we are there for you in your beloved home and support you on your way.

5. We are the special care service

Anyone who has ever met our owner and care service manager Michael Burkel knows that we are anything but an ordinary outpatient care service. Our passion for outpatient care and our commitment to holistic care characterize our work.


Nothing weighs more than the honest opinion of our patients or their relatives.

  • Mirko Barot
    2 years ago

    Very nice team

  • Der Geisbock
    3 years ago

    We recommend.. Helpful nice and accommodating. I would recommend it to everybody.

  • Claudia Bannow
    5 years ago

    So I can always recommend the nursing service super nice team do everything possible and I don’t want to mess them up when you need them they are always there even when it’s vacation time hats off you’re great and Lena and Werner have a lot of fun with you keep up the work you do, you should take your hat off you’re great!!!? Thank you for the great work you are doing

  • 54 years ago

    A very friendly team, very reliable and above all very neat and correct! I can’t understand the bad reviews.

We are happy to help!

After extensive discussions, we will work out an individual concept with you, which is optimally tailored to your needs .

The personal meeting to get to know each other is irreplaceable with regard to outpatient care. Feel free to arrange a conversation with us!