nursing services

Long-term care insurance benefits (SGB XI)

Are provided by us as care benefits in kind in the form of so-called service complexes.
These include, for example:

  • personal hygiene
  • mobilization
  • preparing meals
  • cleaning the apartment
  • Care assignments according to § 37.3 SGB XI

Health insurance benefits (SGB V)

These include, for example:

  • Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings
  • injections prescribed by a doctor
  • medication administration
  • Setting up the medicine box
  • change of dressing

The statutory health insurance (GKV) offers various services within the framework of outpatient care, which are regulated in § 37 of the Social Security Code V (SGB V). This includes:

  • Nursing care : This is the care of people who are in need of care and need help in everyday life. This includes, for example, basic care (e.g. body care, nutrition) and household chores.
  • Respite care : These benefits are aimed at people who are dependent on the support of a caregiver because of their need for care and who are temporarily unable to receive this support, for example because the caregiver is unable to attend.
  • Short-term care : These benefits are aimed at people who need to be temporarily admitted to a care facility, for example because home care is no longer possible or because rehabilitation is required.
  • Home Nursing : These services include care for sick people at home by qualified nurses, such as nursing, wound care, injections and infusions.

However, there are also some services that are not covered by the GKV, such as the costs for nursing aids that are not medically necessary.

service package

In addition to the care benefits mentioned, we also offer a supplementary service package.
This service package includes, for example:

  • The procurement of medicines
  • Communication with doctors

home alarm system

The home emergency call system is an external service that we are happy to arrange.

Would you like to live safely in your home environment – despite old age, illness or disability?
Your family member should also during your absence – e.g. B. while on vacation – have the opportunity to call for help in an emergency?
With the in-house emergency call from MEBO Sicherheit, you get security and service.
The service control center is manned 24 hours a day and notifies us if an emergency call has been made and support is required.

The in-house emergency call from MEBO Sicherheit is an offer that is independent of our 24-hour telephone service outside of office hours.

We are happy to help!

After extensive discussions, we will work out an individual concept with you, which is optimally tailored to your needs .

The personal meeting to get to know each other is irreplaceable with regard to outpatient care. Feel free to arrange a conversation with us!